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Margalit Romano

Margalit Romano is a contemporary abstract artist whose work has been described as striking, and innovative. She primarily works in a stochastic painting method where chaos meets formula. This method combines random components with a selective process so that only certain outcomes are achieved. These components include paint viscosity, gravity, movement and the nature of the pigment. With each series the painting conditions and media are different. Her works are largely created with acrylics on wood or canvas however Margalit works with ink, glitter, spray paint, household paints and any material that inspires her.

Color and texture play an important role in Margalit’s work. The color placement is especially important in the Striation Series as a single color can look completely different depending on which hue it is next to. Margalit enjoys the exploration of texture in her work- particularly in the Flora Series as it invites the viewer to not only look at the art, but touch it as well. Inspiration from fashion and nature allow Margalit to mix elements that would otherwise clash. Her artwork is reflective of her ever evolving journey to create and inspire.

Margalit found her passion for painting with her study for art history in college. Through her study of great artists throughout time, Margalit taught herself to paint and create in her signature style. With trial, error and a true love of what she does, she has evolved into a sought after artist with commissioned pieces nationwide. She works closely with clients and designers to create the perfect artwork for their space. Her keen eye and creative force allow Margalit to create in a limitless array of work. There are no boundaries in Margalit’s creative process which makes her bold style the perfect modern edge to compliment any interior space.


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